Freedom Armory, INC

Freedom Armory Inc was formed in 1993 with the intent of creating a full service premier training, shooting, retail firearms and gunsmithing facility. Over the past 20 years we have morphed from a modest 1000 sq ft retail facility to the current 21,253 sq ft state- of- the- art operation with an additional 2000 sq ft manufacturing space. Seventeen years ago, Freedom Armory became a Class III dealer selling silencers, machineguns and short barreled rifles. As a Class III dealer, the thought of starting a manufacturing division that would have as its core objective the reinvention of the sound suppressor became increasingly attractive. As the evolution of suppressors in the marketplace unfolded, we had a gut feeling that it could be done better.

Freedom Armory Machine Works

In December 2012 the idea that started as a belief and dream was launched into a new division called Freedom Armory Machine Works. In this short time what many said was impossible, has been accomplished. Facilities have been built and expanded, highly skilled machinist/designers/engineers have been hired, top end CNC equipment and software, selected and integrated into our proven unique design. Our extensive prototyping and testing has resulted in the manufacturing of our first two suppressor designs.

In addition to producing the first two silencers, FA Machine Works has achieved Patent Pending breakthroughs in Gas Indexing Technology (GIT), baffle design and Total Breakdown Technology (TBT).

Our Mission

The core mission of FA Machine Works is to design new products that bring new design principles and actions to the marketplace only when these designs and actions exceed current standards in sound reduction, durability, ease of maintenance/cleaning, weight to performance and ease of takedown utilizing commonly available tools.